Get Your Spiritual Shift Together

A Starter Kit, How-To Guide and Reference Manual

Get Your Spiritual Shift Together is a starter kit, how-to guide & reference manual for people who know that the way things are isn’t working for them anymore. If you are repeating the same patterns in your life, ready to make a major change such as quitting a job or relationship, or know there is something more, this book has what you need to take the first steps.

Starter Kit

Get Your Spiritual Shift Together is a jumping off point when you are ready to get going on this path. The four main topics covered are:

Energy: Learn how to feel better and more powerful by learning all about the energy field, chakras and various healing modalities. The Energy section includes techniques for shielding, clearing and balancing your field and your space.

Intuition: Get the universe on your side by learning how to use your innate intuitive abilities to help you make decisions. The Intuition section includes techniques and practices to help you understand and utilize this superpower.

Tools & Ritual: Explore various objects (such as oracle cards and pendulums), self-exploration tools (such as astrology and numerology), and healing modalities (such as shamanism and reiki) to help you create a support system as you shift up. Plus, explore how to create ceremony and ritual in your life.

Dig Deep: Dive into more complex topics like the law of attraction and divine neutrality to help you understand (and ultimately decide for yourself) how your universe really works. Most importantly, discover methods for helping clear yourself of the residual gunk stopping you from feeling free and at peace. How-To Guide: Various parts of this book have step-by-step how-tos to help you experience the four topics listed above.

How-To Guide

At the end of each section is a Work (on Your Shift) Book to help you navigate, remember, digest and evaluate the most important concepts from that section.

Reference Manual

Get Your Spiritual Shift Together is a book you will pick up over and over as your needs and interests change. At the end of each section is a list of the books, links and other resources that can take you further into any topic you love.